Alley geothermal systems

CELSIUS, an innovative cooperative project

Using the alleys as an energy source, that’s smart !

Induktion Geothermie is happy and honored to be actively involved in a unique project in North America: heating an urban district using a geothermal system installed in the alleys. Urban remains of the 19th century, alleys have always been spaces used by citizens in their vicinity, but are often more or less cared for and maintained. For more than 25 years, efforts have been made to allow residents to reclaim their spaces and include them in their living areas. The concept of “green alley” is part of this movement.

Another step has been taken in this movement of reappropriation of these under-exploited spaces: using alleyways as “community” energy sources. Setting underground heating networks that allow all surrounding citizens (residential, corporate or institutional) to benefit from geothermal technology, that’s smart! It was not enough to think about it, it was necessary to mobilize the citizens and to undo the paradigms, which the Solon organization knew how to do masterfully.

Then came the Celsius project (, strongly carried by a handful of enthusiasts who attracted in their lap first-class players who, too, believe that this project can be a turning point for the energy future in the Province of Quebec.

An article in the Métro Journal also discusses this promising project: