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Let's make a big step toward to energetic independence!

Save up to 70% in heating costs! Start investing your money in a geothermal system! Not only to protect you from cost fluctuations caused by energy distributors, but a geothermal system adds a significant value to your property!

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The benefits of Induktion

Guaranteed returns

No surprises here at Induktion Géothermie. We grant you a written guarantee that your energy costs will never exceed those listed in the purchase contract of the system! To allow each of our customers to closely monitor what we say, all our systems are metered to let you to know about their real energy consumption.


Bob the builder runs in your veins and you are not afraid of handicraft? Our do-it-yourself solution can be interesting for savings: we give you everything you'll need to do the job by yourself (2d-3d plans, materials) and we give you all the technical support you need (on spot or remote) and we let you assemble the puzzle pieces by yourself!

Customized project

At Induktion Géothermie, each project is an art work that deserves all the care we can provide. We build close ties with our customers to make sure we understand the subtlety of their needs. This allow us to build each project to ensure it will go beyond any expectations. We deploy our staff with only one thing in mind: your absolute satisfaction.

Did you know?

  • A geothermal system reduces the risk of fire because there is no combustion or any direct contact with the heating elements. It's a good way to decrease your home insurance cost.
  • Easily control the humidity rate inside your home, so you will be able to maintain the rate between 40 and 60% relative humidity as suggested by Health Canada.
  • Each kWh of electricity spent to operate the system allows the generation of 4 kWh of heat to be taken out of the earth.
  • Advantageous rates are available for geothermal energy since its value is recognized by financial institutions.

A durable and smart Investment!

Induktion Géothermie is a Canadian company based in Quebec City made up of engineers, technicians, refrigeration engineer and tinsmiths. A dynamic, warm and passionate team working with you to provide a healthy atmosphere in a healthy space.

more about us
more about us

To ensure its customers the achievement of its goals, Induktion Géothermie has got several accreditations.