RénoVert, the green tax credit!

After LogiRénov which ended in July 2015, here’s RénoVert!

Homeowners constructed before 2015 can take advantage of another tax credit for some renovations.

A series of works are eligible, as improving the insulation of his house or his chalet, replace its heating system, install a new water heater or get new doors and windows.

Up to 100 000 Quebecers could benefit from it over the next year.

This refundable tax credit is 20%, but it doesn’t apply to the first $ 2,500. For a $ 5000 work by a recognized contractor, the tax credit will be $ 500 (20% of $ 2500).

The credit is limited to $ 10 000. To reach the limit, an owner must carry out eligible works up to $ 52 500 by September 30, 2017.

To take advantage of the RénoVert tax credit, an agreement with a contractor must be concluded before April 1, 2017.



Image source : http://ecolovillage.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/photo-vert1.jpg